Attitude means EVERYTHING!

Brian Tracy Quote.png

As a parent of a child with autism, I find it very frustrating at times. Maybe you also are in a similar situation, where you try your hardest to block out certain frustrations around you. You put all of your efforts into trying to block out the things that give you pain the most. YET, have you stopped to give thought to how you are sabotaging your own dreams?

Where we give our attention, energy flows. The exact quote “Where attention goes, energy flows,” was quoted by several people. I am not sure who quoted it truly, but I do know that if we focus on the things we are frustrated by, it only fuels more. With your day to day activities, we shouldn’t dread doing anything. We shouldn’t hate going to work on Mondays.

Perhaps the reason is quite simple. We dread going to work on Mondays because we are not learning as much as we should. We lost that promotion due to our attitude, or due to the fact that we truly haven’t given as much thought to something as we thought we would’ve. We need that spark of joy again in our lives!

If you believe, truly believe, with hope and faith, that something will happen, then it must! For the attitude of positive person over one that blames and constantly takes a victim mentality is all the difference in the world. So I say, before you quit that job, or before you blame the government, or any other group for your problem, reflect.

Truly reflect on your own attitude. What does your attitude say about you? While I will admit to being frustrated myself at my child’s autistic tendancies to “ruffle” my feathers, I do FIND the time to get the work done that is needed to grow my business and my dreams forward. There is always time and a way to get things done.

After all, ” An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of a superior personality!”(Brian Tracy). It truly says it all!


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