More Ways to be Thankful

Are you FULLY thankful?

Many of us have difficult lives. We make difficult decisions every day. The struggle is real. On this Thanksgiving, let’s honor it by revealing how to be more thankful in our day to day lives.


Let’s take for example, a brand new television. You’ve been saving up for that baby awhile now, and it comes shipped to your door. You open the package, set it up nicely,and it’s ready to go. But then, a month later, one of your children, pets, or significant other, knocks it over and the screen shatters.

Your natural reaction will be of course to get angry at them. But how often do we learn to forgo that anger? How often do you stop and think of them?

The reason for this story is simple. Today, it is Thanksgiving. We celebrate this tradition in America. But, do we practice it ALL YEAR LONG? Are you truly thankful for the life you lead?

Here are some steps that will help you truly invest in others this Thanksgiving.

  1. Instead of negatively facing the family that you dread, ask for support. Find people whom like you, support you, and ask for them to assist you, should those family try to get all over you.  For example, say you don’t like Aunt Mary. But your girlfriend, or perhaps your mother does. Have her interrupt the drama by distracting Aunt Mary at the right moment.
  2. Remember that being alive is a gift. Be thankful in that moment with Aunt Mary that you’re still alive for a purpose. Take a breath, re-center, and just repeat this to yourself: I am loved, I am supported. I am valuable. The Universe/Divine/God is looking out for me. Take a moment to excuse yourself to the bathroom or find a quiet space and pray.
  3. Have faith that it will all work out. You’re still alive, as was said above, and so therefore, unless you let them get to you, their opinion is THEIR opinion.
  4. Be thankful for every aspect. Wayne Dyer was quoted as saying that every morning he gives gratitude the moment his feet touched the ground. Perhaps this could also help you.

WE, as a culture have several opportunities to change our lives. But, we instead take victim mentalities, and we don’t focus on what we CAN do to change it. We try to FORCE the Universe/God into giving us what we want NOW. But, then, once we have it, over time, we lose that gratitude for having it. I’ve seen several gas grills, several gifts given that were tossed aside, not cared for. People seem to have deeply forgotten love and gratitude. Don’t let that be you.

I am thankful for you and your continued support of the mission here. We want to change the world and help you rediscover your dreams. So, this Thanksgiving, share this post with people you know who may need more gratitude and also send a message to someone today and thank them for their supporting you. It only takes a minute. I’m sure we can spare that at least.

Love you all. Keep dreaming.Keep creating. AND definitely, Inspire others to change their lives to!



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