Dragon Discovered in Mountain

A dragon has been discovered in a mountain. It’s a dragon that slowly eats away at your dreams, goals and ambitions. In order to find this dragon, we must begin by asking  ourselves these questions:

  1.  Is anything really eating away at me inside?
  2. What am I fearing? What am I truly afraid of?
  3. What do I have to learn in order to grow? Who do I need to forgive?
  4. Do I accept full responsibility  for everything that happens in my life?

Asking these simple questions can truly show if you have a dragon to slay. It’s often shown that a dragon  represents our fears. Fears are learning lessons to help us grow. Do we truly step out of the Universe’ way, and let whatever Divine source we believe in take control? Or are we truly trying to control way too much of our lives?

In this series of blogs, the overall arching theme will be stepping out of your own way. I’ve learned in my last  10 years. As the quote says above,  when we face these mountains, it’s only the beginning. We have to be prepared.

Here’s the first thing to realize about your dreams. When we first embark on them, the journey is somewhat easy for some, hard for most. Then, as we get going, the obstacles pop up. These mountains can be moved, however, if the right habits are put into place.

Then, once we get towards the mountains, our dragons come out. This is the moment. It only means we are that much closer to the goal. Keep going.

Listen to your inner self, and keep going. As you journey through the mountains, you’ll find pieces of yourself that you had previously thought were gone.

I’m going to recommend therapy to those of you whom have trouble dealing with the past. It does help. It’s not a bad thing to have someone to talk to.  This is also why we coaches exist.

Find your passion, polish your armor, and get ready to go on your own personal journey. This is only the beginning.


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