Where Are YOU Headed?

There are times in life when we’re told that we won’t matter. There’s no way we can make a true difference. The world is a messed up place. Perhaps you even have been told that God is going to judge you for everything that you do wrong, These things can mess with your thoughts and stop you dead in your tracks. Every mistake you’ve made, every failure, has now become your undoing. But I know for a fact that it can be undone yet again.
Part of my own adventure was about struggle. I lived the 9-5 job, going from part time job to part time. But the true journey started when I was 12 years old. Believe it or not, that was when I started to find my own way. I discovered my spiritual path, thanks in part to the fiction world. I began to become the person I wanted to be. But, over time, I lost that person. I allowed things to get in my way, to distract me. From abusive relationships, to a strict upbringing.
In 2010, I had enough. It was at that moment that I had my most faithful experience, and my tipping breaking point. I moved to Cleveland, and this is when life changed. I saw people stuggling to get by, and people whose dreams had all but shattered. It was during these moments, along with a suggestion from a college counselor, that I became a life coach. But to me, life coach is not a title. My title is Dreambuilder. I know you want something more out of life, but your thoughts, your mindset, or something else, is chaining you down, like powerful steel, or perhaps you’ve been injected with some poison from toxic people.
Right now though, you too are at a breaking point. You’re searching for the golden road. You’re looking for answers, but not knowing where to turn. Here is the solution. You’ve found it. i strongly believe that everyone needs someone who believes in them.  I also believe that if I can overcome these thoughts, and find the solutions by having another’s input.
So, let’s talk. Maybe your relationship is on rocky ground and you’d like to go back to the start, back when things were fresh again. Rediscover your youth all over again. Then, there’s the dreams. Everyone has them, but how many of you out there can say truly that you fulfilled your dreams? I can attest that I too, am improving my relationship more and more everyday, and all it took was me finding the answers to the goal.
I’ve got my goals lined up as to how I want to make an impact, and I hope that I can share my life with you as well. I hope that we become part of each other’s lives, and I know that you can make it through these trials, as they only will make you stronger in the end.

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