Helping Parents reclaim their dreams




Brian Eckels became a coach to help people rediscover their goals and dreams. Growing up in a small town, he soon discovered that many business owners had lost their businesses. Many authors and musicians had been pushed down enough that they also gave up on their dreams. Brian decided it was time to help creatives rediscover their hidden power within, and reclaim it.

He stands behind those three words.

Dream, because we all have them and our dreams were meant to be achieved. They were divinely put there by a Higher source.

Inspire. Brian seeks to inspire others. By inspiring you to achieve your ambitions, you then go and inspire others to do the same. It creates a chain that changes the world.

Create. It shouldn’t matter what Higher Power we all believe in. At the end of the day, your Higher Power created you and gave you creative abilities. Brian believes that you should be utilizing them, bringing your glorious creations into the world.

Brian is the father of a wonderful child, with autism, Phoenix. He faced many challenges with having to raise a child while being a stay at home dad, but he soon discovered his own productivity by utilizing his own unique framework.






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